If you notice a cracked piece of vinyl siding on your home, then you may think that you need to completely replace the section of siding to repair the damage. However, this is not the case unless you want perfect looking siding without any cracks, holes, or other imperfections. If you want to repair the damage, then there are two ways you can do this. Keep reading to learn about them.

Use Caulk To Fill

When your vinyl siding was initially installed, edges and gaps were filled in around the vinyl with a caulk material. Most siding installation experts will use something called color-matched silicone caulk. This is the same type of caulk that can be used for outdoor and indoor surfaces when a waterproof seal is needed. You can purchase the caulk from your siding retailer or home store. If you need to know which product is best or what tone matches your siding, ask your vinyl siding professional about this. If for some reason you cannot find the right color-match option, use a clear caulk or a white paintable one that can be later painted in a matching color.

Place the caulk in a caulk gun and run a thin bead over the crack. Use a putty knife to squeeze the caulk into the opening and allow it to cure. Once the silicone has cured, use a piece of sandpaper to smooth it out. 

Add A Patch

If you have a small piece of vinyl left over from the initial installation, then you can add a patch underneath the siding. Cut a piece of the vinyl that is just a little bigger than the crack. Also, purchase some PVC cement as well as a zip tool. A zip tool can be used along the bottom edge of the siding to detach it from the piece sitting beneath it. Start by using the tool to unzip the seam. Lift up the piece of siding gently and use a damp cotton cloth to clean the underside where the crack has appeared.

When you are ready to place the patch, spread a small amount of the PVC glue across the surface of the patch. Press the patch in place so the vinyl completely covers the back side of the crack and hold it into place. After about five minutes, take your hand away from the patch and use the zip tool to connect the edge of the piece of vinyl siding.