For many years, improvements in technology have been making irrigation systems more efficient. Smart controls, different sizes of sprinkler heads, and drip irrigation systems are all things that you can choose to make your landscaping irrigation more environmentally friendly. Here are some of the improvements that you will want to consider when making your landscaping irrigation systems more energy efficient:

1. Upgrade Sprinkler Heads to Water More Efficiently

Sprinklers heads have evolved over the years, and they now come in many different sizes and designs. There are sprinklers with adjustable spray nozzles and smaller sprinkler heads for reducing the amount of water used. Adjustable heads are great for areas that need more isolated watering, such as near a driveway, street, garden path, or sidewalk. The smaller sprinkler heads can be used in areas that are further away from the main water supply to reduce the amount of pressure and water used for the complete irrigation system.

2. Install Smart Wireless Controllers for Efficiency

Wireless irrigation controllers are a great DIY improvement because they require no wires or other work done to them. The wireless controllers can also have many features, such as integrated rainfall totals, weather information, and soil conditions. These smart sprinkler controllers will help make your sprinkler system more efficient and greatly reduce water waste when irrigating your landscaping. The most advanced irrigation controller systems will also be able to connect to networks and the Internet, allowing the system to collect relevant data to determine the best watering schedule for your landscaping.

3. Using Alternative Resources and Drip Irrigation Systems

The utility company or water from a well are resources that cost you money. To improve the efficiency of your landscaping irrigation, add rain collection to your home. In addition to rain collection systems, drip irrigation is another improvement that will help reduce water consumption. Use drip irrigation for plants in your landscaping that sprinklers do not irrigate efficiently, such as flowers, shrubs, trees and plants in a vegetable garden. There are drip irrigation manifolds that can be connected to the main controls of your sprinklers, but you will want to also have drip irrigation connected to the rain barrels because it is easier to install and get working than conventional sprinklers.

These are some of the improvements that you will want to consider making your landscaping irrigation system more energy efficient. Contact a plumbing supply service like Kelly's Pipe & Supply Company to get the pipes and parts you need for DIY energy efficient upgrades to your plumbing systems.